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Stone Dragon Large

Bio Bubble Pets, Llc

Stone Dragon Large


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The Origins Stone Dragon is the perfect accent to any Asian or Oriental-themed Aquarium or Terrarium. The legend of the Chinese dragon is quite different from the dragon you may be more familiar with from Western culture. The Chinese dragon is benevolent and has many powers, including breathing fire, summoning wind, and calling rain. The Origins ornament carries through all the descriptive details used in folklore, including the paws of the tiger, beard of the goat, scales of the carp, and the belly of the snake. Not only will this piece enhance your pets habitat aesthetically, but your fish will also feel safer having something to swim around and hide behind. All of the Origins products are made of durable poly-resin and with safe, non-toxic, high-grade paint, and can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums.

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