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Whole Ground Rabbit and Beef (OUT OF STOCK)


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Rabbits are product of USA and no CO2 used.

Ingredient Statement: Ground rabbit with fur, bones, brain, eyeballs, tongue, heart, liver, kidney, and ground beef.

General Analysis:

Whole Ground Rabbit & Beef
Moisture 62.58%
Crude Protein 18.64%
Crude Fiber 0.27%
Fat (EE) 16.95%
Calories Per 100 Grams 229
Calcium 0.21%
Phosphorus 0.09%
Potassium 0.14%
Note: 229 Calories/100g = 1.04 kcal/lb

Handling Instructions: Handling Instructions: Keep frozen. Defrost roll in refrigerator and feed within 48 hours. Store excess in an air tight container and keep refrigerated. Do not keep refrigerated for more than 48 hours.



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